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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Professional Christmas Light Installers Chelsea

Are you excited for the glitz and glam of the holiday season? 

Want your house to stand out on the block? 

Decorating your indoor Christmas tree and exterior trees is a great way to show your holiday cheer and give you something to brag about in your neighborhood group chat. 

Here are a few tips to decorate your Christmas tree: 

1. Make sure you choose the right lights

Using the right lights makes all the difference! LED lights last longer, are more durable and more energy efficient. LED lights are also easier on the purse strings, especially if you like to keep your tree lit for many hours a day.

2. Plan out your decorations

Start with your lights, followed by your ornaments, garland, bows, feathers, etc. Make sure you have enough lights before you start. People often run out of lights before they can even start putting up other decorations.

3. Spread out the branches    

If you buy a real tree, a few branches may require some trimming. If you go the artificial route, make sure you shape the branches so the tree doesn’t look smashed from being in storage.

4. Don’t clutter up your tree

It’s all about balance! To make your tree look aesthetically pleasing, arrange your  lights and ornaments so they’re balanced from top to bottom.

Xmas Delights Provides Professional Christmas Lights Installation in Chelsea, MI 

Xmas Delights, a professional Christmas lights installation service in Chelsea, can help you if you don't have time to decorate your home and trees. Tangled cords will be a thing of the past and our 24-hour service ensures that if a light goes out, it will be fixed right away!

Contact our team today at (734)417-2212 to schedule your installation! 

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